Indiana Home Insurance: How to Protect Your Home From Hail Damage

In the summer and fall months in Indiana, hail can happen. In some cases, the hail is as small as a beach pebble, in others, it can reach the size of baseballs. This is a weather-related event that will cause damage. That damage will be covered by your home or renter’s insurance. But you don’t want to make an insurance claim unless you have to.

At Irvington Insurance, we feel the same. We want Indianapolis, IN residents to feel secure during and after a hailstorm. Protect your home as much as you can in advance.

Clean Your Eaves and Gutters

Your eaves troughs and gutters are often the first things to do before storm season. Not only will that ensure sufficient drainage during a heavy storm, but it will also prevent damage to the eaves.

If your eaves and gutters are full already, they may not be able to withstand a hail storm with hail the size of tennis balls. Expect the unexpected with hail, and clear those gutters and eaves out before it’s too late.

Get Shutters, and Use Them

Window shutters have a purpose in areas prone to storms. They are not just a home décor piece. Get shutters and use them. This will help to prevent window damage in the event of hail.

It might not just be your window that is damaged. If you are sitting under a window and a giant hail ball smashes through it, you could sustain serious injury and medical costs.

Get shutters and use them, and hailstorms won’t make you so nervous. A window safety film can help you here as well if you don’t want to get shutters.

Clean Up the Yard

Clean up the trees around your home and check that they are healthy. Remove any dead branches on your lawn regularly. Make sure that your lawn doesn’t have a lot of things around that could fly up or cause damage in the event of a hail storm. Plan a place for your car to get parked and covered in order to avoid hail damage there as well.

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When you live in Indianapolis, IN, you know that bad hail storms can happen. At Irvington Insurance, we have you protected from any damage caused by hail storms.