Life events that should trigger a look at your life insurance coverage

Protecting your loved ones is a natural instinct that most people have. That is where life insurance comes in. It is something you can do to make sure, even if you aren’t there to provide for them, your family will be all right. At Irvington Insurance in Indianapolis IN, we provide expert guidance to our customers to personalize their life insurance. 

When To Review Life Insurance

A job change

If you get life insurance as part of your benefits package and it is the only life insurance you have, a change of employment could leave you without life insurance. This is the time to seriously think about whether or not you want to let your employer control your life insurance. 

Getting married

Even if your spouse is self-supporting, when you get married and combine your assets, it is a good time to think about life insurance. At the very least, it is time to change the beneficiary on any life insurance that you already have. 

Buying a home

When you buy a house it usually involves both of your incomes, to make the mortgage payments. You don’t want to leave your spouse or yourself struggling to make the payment with only one income. Both of you should have enough life insurance to pay off the mortgage. 

Having children

Having children changes everything. They are a commitment that can last well over 20 years and that requires enough life insurance to see them grow to adulthood even if it is without you. You may want enough for college and even to help them get a start in life.

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Life insurance needs will change many times over your lifetime and you should be prepared for all of them. Contact Irvington Insurance if you are in the greater Indianapolis, IN community when it is time to review your life insurance coverage.