Four of the most important details on your home insurance policy

Insure your home in Indianapolis, IN with a policy from Irvington Insurance. The insurance coverage that we provide can protect the investments you make in your home and give you a sense of security.

Here are four of the most important details you need to be aware of regarding your home insurance policy. 

The amount of liability coverage your policy includes

You need to ensure that your policy offers adequate liability coverage to prevent financial hardship if you face a lawsuit as a homeowner. Check your liability coverage amount options and determine which coverage amount option will fully protect your assets. 

The deductibles on your policy

Knowing how the deductibles work on your policy is important. You need to make sure that you always have at least the amount of your highest possible deductible in an emergency fund. This way, you know you can pay your deductible without problems if you have to file a claim. 

The exclusions that limit policy coverage

Home insurance policies will exclude coverage for certain types of damage such as water and earthquake damage. If you want these types of damages covered by your policy, you’ll probably need to add endorsements to your policy that provide you with these types of coverage. 

The policy term

Home insurance policies aren’t permanent. They only cover you for a certain length of time. Home insurance policies usually have a term length of one year. Once a year has passed, you will probably have to renew your policy to enjoy continued coverage for your home. 

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