4 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent

When you get home insurance, you would benefit from going to an independent agent. There are experts in home insurance at Irvington Insurance of the Indianapolis, IN area who you can talk to about your needs. Here are some of the top questions to ask your agent. 

Do I Have Adequate Personal Property Coverage? 

Talk to your agent to determine if you have enough personal property coverage in your policy. This is an instance when it would help to conduct a home inventory beforehand. They’ll be able to sort out the values and the amount of coverage you should have for all of it combined. 

Do I Qualify for Discounts? 

Many insurance companies have discounts in place. If you have this, it will lower your home insurance premium. You might need to have qualifying circumstances, such as smart home devices. 

Am I Eligible for Bundling My Insurance? 

You might decide that you’d like to bundle your insurance. The company you go through may allow you to bundle several types of policies, including your home insurance. Go over your options with your agent to see what would make the most sense. 

Is Flood Insurance Included in the Policy? 

There may be some coverage for natural disasters which could include flooding. If this isn’t the case, and you need an additional policy, it’s best that you know right from the start so that you can get the coverage that’s appropriate to the risk level where you live. 

Ask as many questions as you’d like about home insurance. Here at Irvington Insurance, we serve customers in the Indianapolis, IN area for home insurance needs and more. Reach out to us to learn more today.