Auto Insurance Add-ons to Consider

If you own a car in Indianapolis, IN, you must be familiar with popular car insurance coverages. You probably have heard about the comprehensive, collision, PIP, and liability coverages, but do you know you can purchase add-ons to boost your auto insurance? Yes, “add-ons” or “riders” from Irvington Insurance can strengthen your auto insurance.

Here are common auto insurance add-ons you can add to your policy.

Zero depreciation coverage

With each passing year, the value of your car depreciates. Unfortunately, when your car is stolen or totaled, your insurance company compensates you for the value of your car, less the depreciation factor. The results? You may have to fork out the difference from your pocket.

The good news is that you can protect yourself against depreciation loss by purchasing zero depreciation coverage. With this policy, you will get compensated using the market value of your vehicle.

Consumables add-on

When your vehicle is undergoing repairs, consumables like fluids, bolts, crews, nuts, filters, and so on aren’t covered by your typical auto insurance. However, you can purchase consumables endorsement to cover consumables that are excluded in your standard policy. 

Roadside assistance

Have you ever been stranded on the roads your car broke down? It can be frustrating as you try to call your friends, relatives, and your mechanic. However, when you purchase roadside assistance coverage, your insurer organizes towing, puncture repair, gas delivery, and other services whenever your vehicle stalls far from home. 

Engine protection cover

Collision and comprehensive coverages cover your engine following an accident by a covered peril. However, when water and oil leakage cause damage to your engine, standard auto insurance coverage doesn’t protect your engine. For this reason, you need an engine protection add-on to avoid out-of-pocket engine repairs or replacement.

Would you like to get more insights about auto insurance add-ons? Please get in touch with Irvington Insurance of Indianapolis, IN, for more information.