Do Retirees Need Life Insurance?

A major benefit that many employees receive during their tenure is life insurance. Many retirees wonder if life insurance is worth investing in once they leave their jobs. Irvington Insurance is here to help with all your pertinent questions. 

Why Retirees Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is not a legal requirement for Indianapolis, IN residents, but many choose to protect their descendants using this tool. Particular circumstances may vary, and older people often have spouses who remain dependent on them for the various streams of income due to them each month. Life insurance is one way to continue providing the essentials and is particularly important if a survivor’s pension or social security will decrease significantly or be taken away entirely.  

You may also have a grown child who has special needs, or you may have accumulated debt that will be difficult for your family to pay off. Student loans can remain outstanding, particularly if you went to college later in life.

Many retirees still have a mortgage on their homes, and other common obligations are for personal loans, car notes, or credit cards. Your Irvington Insurance representative can better assist you with the specifics of which product will best meet your needs. 

It’s possible that when you pass away, your loved ones could face estate taxes. Life insurance helps with this and can also assist with paying for burial costs. 

You may be in a situation where there isn’t sufficient equity in a home to divide among inheritors, and you wish to leave an inheritance to your surviving family members. Parents, especially those who had children later in life, may wish to leave something to help their offspring go to college or start a business. 

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