5 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Insurance

Most people think that home insurance is a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. But the truth is, there are many different types of home insurance policies out there, and each one is designed to meet a specific need. So, before you buy a policy, it’s important to understand what those needs are.  Irvington Insurance in Indianapolis, IN can help you navigate this important coverage.

Here are five things you didn’t know about home insurance:

1. It Does Not Cover Flooding

One of the most common misconceptions about home insurance is that it will cover damage caused by flooding. But the truth is that most standard policies exclude flood damage. Most also exclude damage caused by earthquakes. It’s therefore important to understand what your policy covers and what it doesn’t.

2. It’s Not Always Required

While most mortgage lenders require you to have home insurance, there are some situations where it’s not required. For instance, if you own your home outright, you’re not required to have a policy. However, even if you’re not required to have coverage, it’s still a good idea to have it.

3. You May Need Extra Coverage for Valuables

If you have any valuables in your home, such as jewelry, art, or collectibles, you may need to purchase additional coverage to insure them. Most standard policies have limits on the amount of coverage for valuables, so if you have items that are worth more than the limit, you’ll need to purchase an endorsement or a separate policy to cover them.

4. It Offers Liability Protection

Another thing to know about home insurance is that it offers liability protection. If someone is injured on your property or if you damage someone else’s property, your home insurance policy will help pay for the damages. Most policies have limits on the amount of liability coverage, so if you’re at risk for a large loss, you may want to purchase an umbrella policy to get additional protection.

5. Your Policy is Not Static

Finally, it’s important to know that your home insurance policy is not static. It will change as your needs change. For example, if you add a new addition to your home or get married and have children, you’ll need to update your policy to reflect those changes.

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Now that you know a little bit more about home insurance, it’s time to start shopping for a policy. We can help you find the right policy for your needs at Irvington Insurance in Indianapolis, IN. Contact us today for a free quote.

How to Shop for Home Insurance

When it comes to shopping for home insurance, most people just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. But if you take the time to learn a little bit about the process, you can save yourself a lot of money and grief in the long run. Irvington Insurance Group in Indianapolis, IN offers a few tips on how to shop for home insurance. 

How to Shop for Home Insurance

1. Know What You Need

This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people get insurance without really knowing what they need. Remember, every home is different, so you’ll need to tailor your home insurance coverage to fit your situation. Make a list of the things you want to insure, such as your dwelling, personal belongings, and liability coverage.

2. Know What You Can Afford

Once you know what you need, you need to figure out what you can afford. Home insurance premiums can vary widely, so shopping around and comparing rates is important. Keep in mind that the cheapest policy isn’t always the best policy. Make sure you’re getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

3. Know the Risks

Home insurance covers not all risks, so it’s important to know what risks your policy does and does not cover. For example, most policies do not cover damage from floods, so you’ll need to purchase separate flood insurance if your home is in a flood-prone area.

4. Know the Claims Process

If you ever have to file a claim, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn about the process ahead of time. The last thing you want is to find out that your policy doesn’t cover the damage or that the claims process is more complicated than you thought. Be sure to ask your agent about the claims process and what you need to do to file a claim.

By following these tips, you can be sure that you’re getting the home insurance coverage you need at a price you can afford. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to learn about home insurance. Are you looking for home insurance in Indianapolis, IN? Irvington Insurance Group offers a variety of home insurance options to fit your needs. Give us a call today to learn more. 


4 Questions to Ask Your Home Insurance Agent

When you get home insurance, you would benefit from going to an independent agent. There are experts in home insurance at Irvington Insurance of the Indianapolis, IN area who you can talk to about your needs. Here are some of the top questions to ask your agent. 

Do I Have Adequate Personal Property Coverage? 

Talk to your agent to determine if you have enough personal property coverage in your policy. This is an instance when it would help to conduct a home inventory beforehand. They’ll be able to sort out the values and the amount of coverage you should have for all of it combined. 

Do I Qualify for Discounts? 

Many insurance companies have discounts in place. If you have this, it will lower your home insurance premium. You might need to have qualifying circumstances, such as smart home devices. 

Am I Eligible for Bundling My Insurance? 

You might decide that you’d like to bundle your insurance. The company you go through may allow you to bundle several types of policies, including your home insurance. Go over your options with your agent to see what would make the most sense. 

Is Flood Insurance Included in the Policy? 

There may be some coverage for natural disasters which could include flooding. If this isn’t the case, and you need an additional policy, it’s best that you know right from the start so that you can get the coverage that’s appropriate to the risk level where you live. 

Ask as many questions as you’d like about home insurance. Here at Irvington Insurance, we serve customers in the Indianapolis, IN area for home insurance needs and more. Reach out to us to learn more today.

How to Shop for Home Insurance in Indiana

Shopping for home insurance in Indianapolis, IN can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you should be looking for. The team at Irvington Insurance recommends working with an insurance professional who can assess your investments and help you make a guided decision on coverage and what policy will work best for you. 

If you aren’t well-informed on the coverage requirements your home needs, this is an easy way to fall into purchasing a plan that isn’t what you need. Working with an agent or company that specializes in home insurance is the best way to ensure your investments are properly protected every step of the way. 

While updating your home insurance may not be at the top of your priority list, these policies should be evaluated on a yearly basis to confirm that you’re covered in the ways you need to be. Properties change over time and your policy may need updating or modifying; the best way to stay up to date on your current plan is by contacting an expert who can make suggestions and improvements on your current coverage. 

Homeownership is one of the greatest accomplishments as an adult — it’s no easy feat to own a home and endures all the stress that ownership can bring. While we can’t predict what may happen, the best thing you can do is to protect these massive investments in your life with insurance. 

If you aren’t sure what your current plan is, are looking to update your coverage, or are a brand new homeowner, don’t hesitate to contact Irvington Insurance in Indianapolis, IN. We take pride in offering thorough, high-quality insurance plans that will keep your investments safe and covered.

Indiana Home Insurance: How to Protect Your Home From Hail Damage

In the summer and fall months in Indiana, hail can happen. In some cases, the hail is as small as a beach pebble, in others, it can reach the size of baseballs. This is a weather-related event that will cause damage. That damage will be covered by your home or renter’s insurance. But you don’t want to make an insurance claim unless you have to.

At Irvington Insurance, we feel the same. We want Indianapolis, IN residents to feel secure during and after a hailstorm. Protect your home as much as you can in advance.

Clean Your Eaves and Gutters

Your eaves troughs and gutters are often the first things to do before storm season. Not only will that ensure sufficient drainage during a heavy storm, but it will also prevent damage to the eaves.

If your eaves and gutters are full already, they may not be able to withstand a hail storm with hail the size of tennis balls. Expect the unexpected with hail, and clear those gutters and eaves out before it’s too late.

Get Shutters, and Use Them

Window shutters have a purpose in areas prone to storms. They are not just a home décor piece. Get shutters and use them. This will help to prevent window damage in the event of hail.

It might not just be your window that is damaged. If you are sitting under a window and a giant hail ball smashes through it, you could sustain serious injury and medical costs.

Get shutters and use them, and hailstorms won’t make you so nervous. A window safety film can help you here as well if you don’t want to get shutters.

Clean Up the Yard

Clean up the trees around your home and check that they are healthy. Remove any dead branches on your lawn regularly. Make sure that your lawn doesn’t have a lot of things around that could fly up or cause damage in the event of a hail storm. Plan a place for your car to get parked and covered in order to avoid hail damage there as well.

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When you live in Indianapolis, IN, you know that bad hail storms can happen. At Irvington Insurance, we have you protected from any damage caused by hail storms.

4 Things You Should Know About Home Insurance

Your home could be one of the most significant investments you have or you will make. So, it makes sense to guide it safely with home insurance. This coverage gives you relief when a covered event damages your property and other personal belongings. It can also bail you out when you are responsible for an accident or injury in your home. 

But how many instances have you heard of someone buying insurance that did not help him? Well, a couple of times. At Irvington Insurance, it’s our work to make sure you understand what your home insurance entails. To that end, we have prepared for you what you need to know before you sign that policy. Let’s navigate through.

Understand the policy before buying

Many people hardly go through the insurance policy before buying it. They put their trust in the insurance agent. It’s essential you understand what you are getting yourself into, the things you cannot claim, and those you can. 

Buy from the right channel.

Purchasing your home insurance from a reputable insurance company is always the best thing. They will walk you through your policy and advise on the coverage that best works for you. Not sure the right insurance company to pick? Don’t worry. When you partner with us, we will handle this for you.

Get the adequate coverage you need

Only pay for the coverage you need. Avoid paying for what you don’t require. Analyze your home insurance needs with the help of a professional and drop what it’s not essential. In the same breath, don’t underinsure your home in the name of saving dough.

Learn the types of home insurance

You need to know the different kinds of home insurance and each coverage type. Some home insurance coverages to consider include:

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Additional living expenses coverage
  • Personal contents coverage

Find Home insurance in Indianapolis, IN

Knowing the basic things about home insurance will help you escape the many myths that surround home insurance. If you are in Indianapolis, IN, visit or call us at Irvington Insurance for more information about your home insurance. We can help you get a quote and answer your questions.

A Simple Guide to Home Insurance for First-time Buyers

After all the excitement of trying to find the perfect first home, you may be exhausted as you get ready to go to your closing. Home insurance may be the last thing you want to spend time thinking about. Finding the perfect home insurance is essential to making sure you won’t get any nasty surprises when you make a claim. Given that 1 in 5 homeowners makes a claim every year, you will likely make one at some point. In Indianapolis, IN, Irvington Insurance is a locally owned independent agency that gives our customers more choices. 

Don’t choose just by price.

While the price is an important consideration in any insurance purchase, it shouldn’t be the only one. You don’t want to overpay, but you also want to make sure the policy you choose has the coverage you need. 

Choose your deductible carefully.

Your policy’s deductible is what you pay out of pocket on each claim you file. Even if you have more than one in a year. With a higher deductible, you may pay less, but it may not be a good value. You need to be able to pay the deductible if you file a claim. 

What type of content coverage to choose

Content coverage comes in two types, replacement cost and actual cash value. When you file a claim, the payout is very different. With actual cash value, you will receive the amount worth today, taking depreciation into account. A 10-year-old sofa is not worth the same as a new one. With replacement cost, you will receive the amount a 10-year-old sofa would cost you to replace today. 


Your home policy doesn’t cover everything. Floods, earthquakes, sinkholes, and sewer back-up are common exclusions. 

Contact Irvington Insurance in Indianapolis, IN for all your home insurance needs. 


How Often Should You Review Your Home Insurance?

Your home insurance is a crucial part of protecting your largest asset and the things that matter most to you. At Irvington Insurance, we can help all of our Indianapolis, IN area customers cover their homes with the right types of policies for their needs. Whether you have a small starter home or something much larger, there are some great ways to protect it and keep it safe from harm. A good insurance policy is a significant part of that and can go a long way toward giving you peace of mind and helping you get back to living life instead of worrying.

Your homeowner’s policy should have periodic reviews, though, because your circumstances and situation may change over time. You could add to your house, remodel it, or bring in new belongings that would need additional coverage. No matter what kinds of changes your home and life undergo, you can sleep better at night when you know you have a good insurance policy protecting you. Generally, it’s a good idea to review your home policy every time it renews, which is typically once per year. Your agent will often ask about the policy at that time, but if they don’t, you can still ask for a review to make sure nothing needs to be changed.

Reach out to us today at Irvington Insurance, and let us help you with your home insurance policy. If you’re in the Indianapolis, IN area, we can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your home’s coverage. Our knowledgeable agents will be happy to answer your questions, so you can feel good about the type and level of coverage you choose when you review your policy and make sure it’s the right one for your current needs.

5 Ways to Increase Home Safety

Home safety is an important topic. By taking measures to increase the safety and security of your home, you may qualify for a discount on your home insurance. If you’re considering upgrading your Indianapolis, IN home to make it a safer environment, talk to your Irvington Insurance agent to see what upgrades will affect your home coverage. Here are just a few measures you can take to make your home a safer, more secure environment.


Clutter is unsightly, reduces living space, and increases your risk of accidents. By decluttering your home, you can make it a safer environment.

Upgrade Window & Door Locks

Upgrading your window and door locks will make it more difficult for intruders to break into your property. Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors for extra protection against burglars and trespassers.

Install Security System

Install a security system to include alarm, sensors, and video cameras around your property. A security system will deter thieves and enhance the safety of your family. It can also qualify you for a discount on your home insurance.

Install Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If your Indianapolis, IN home doesn’t already have them, install smoke detectors in your kitchen and hallways close to your bedrooms to alert you of the dangers of fire. A carbon monoxide detector will protect you against carbon monoxide poisoning. These life-saving measures will make your home a safer place to live.

Lock Up Medications

If you have children in your home, lock up your medications in a safe location that’s well out of their reach. You don’t want your little ones getting their hands on pills that can endanger their lives.

You can’t go wrong by boosting the safety and security of your home environment. To learn more about home safety or home insurance options, contact us at Irvington Insurance.

Home Insurance Coverage Options for Indiana Homeowners

As an Indianapolis, IN homeowner, you can reap a variety of benefits from having homeowners insurance. There are a variety of coverage options available. Different factors are considered to determine your homeowner’s insurance rate, including your location, age, and construction of your home, home liability limits, and a variety of other factors. Here is what you need to know about home insurance coverage options for Indiana residents provided by Irvington Insurance.

Home Insurance Coverage Options for Indiana Homeowners

Indiana residents have a variety of options when it comes to homeowners insurance coverage, including:

  • Dwelling
  • Contents
  • Personal liability
  • Medical Payments to others
  • Ordinance or law insurance

Dwelling – Dwelling coverage is for your home’s structure. Items included in this coverage are built-in appliances and wall-to-wall carpet.

Contents – Contents coverage is insurance that covers the belongings that are not built into your home or attached to your home, including clothing, furniture, and similar items.

Personal Liability – Personal liability is the coverage that is used if a guest sustains an injury while in your home. This type of coverage also provides coverage if someone damages your belongings.

Medical Payments to Others – Homeowners insurance provides coverage for medical payments to other people when medical or funeral expenses occur. Medical payments are also covered if someone is injured on your property.

Ordinance or Law Insurance – Ordinance or law insurance coverage can help you rebuild your home, so it’s up-to-date on current building codes after a complete covered loss.

Here at Irvington Insurance, we provide insurance coverage for home, life, and auto. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality customer service and insurance. Contact us to learn more about the insurance solutions we provide. We look forward to hearing from you.