How to Choose Automobile Insurance Coverage

If you’re purchasing a vehicle for the first time, you need to think about insurance. In the state of Indiana, a minimum of liability insurance is required. If you’re financing a vehicle, most finance companies require full coverage, which includes collision and liability. There is even the option to add comprehensive insurance, which covers your vehicle in case it’s damaged during an event that doesn’t include a car accident. If you’re having trouble choosing insurance for your new vehicle, here are some tips that can help.

Do Your Research

Instead of simply choosing the first auto insurance company you can think of, it’s a good idea to conduct some research. Rates and coverage can vary dramatically regarding different insurance agencies, so research is a good idea. During your research, be sure to inquire about any discounts that may be available. It can be easier to check out different insurance agencies online, but making phone calls and in-person visits are fine, too. 

Be Sure to Purchase the Right Type of Insurance

Determining whether to purchase liability or full coverage insurance can be difficult if your car is paid in full. However, some things to take into consideration are:

  • How often you drive the vehicle (the more often you drive, the greater your probability is of becoming involved in an accident)
  • How new the vehicle is (if the vehicle is new, full coverage is recommended because replacement in the event of a total loss could be expensive)
  • Your budget

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