Does Homeowners Insurance Cover All Natural Disasters?

Whether you’ve been a homeowner for a while or just recently become one, you might have some questions about homeowners insurance and what it covers. Many homeowners have one question: how to file a claim, while others wonder if homeowners insurance covers natural disasters. While it would seem logical for homeowners insurance to cover natural disasters, they don’t since they’re out of your control. Here is a brief overview of what’s not covered.

Many Natural Disasters Are Covered

Even though homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover all natural disasters, some common ones aren’t. These disasters are often covered:

  • Tornadoes/hurricanes/similar wind and hail damage
  • Winter storms involving snow, sleet, and freezing rain
  • Lightning and thunderstorms
  • Explosions
  • Volcanic eruptions

Natural Disasters That Aren’t Covered

Again, some natural disasters aren’t covered under your primary homeowner’s insurance policy. If you want coverage for these uncovered disasters, you’ll need to purchase an additional insurance policy. The natural disasters that typically aren’t covered are the ones that aren’t on the list above. This is why purchasing additional coverage is important if you live in an area where other natural disasters are common. Flood insurance is a common add-on, even for homeowners who don’t live in high flood areas. There are other homeowner’s insurance add-ons, so be sure to discuss what’s available with your insurance agent, who can explain all the different policies. 

As you can see, most standard homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover all natural disasters, but some cover many. If you’re an Indianapolis, IN, homeowner and need a new insurance company, you should consider us at Irvington Insurance. At Irvington Insurance, we provide top-notch coverage for Indianapolis, IN residents and beyond. Give us a call today for a quote.